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Our affiliations

Luker Rowe are Chartered Insurance Brokers, a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association and a longstanding member of Brokerbility.

The recent storms affected many businesses in the South East including Luker Rowe. In our case, it literally blew the roof off (and across the road) luckily without harming anyone. However, our Business Continuity Plan and staff comittment ensured it did not affect our day to day business or our ability to service our clients as usual.

We were fortunate in that we could still use the building but many businesses might not have been so lucky. This brings home the importance of having disaster recovery planning and a Business Continuity Plan in place. A large percentage of businesses go who go bust as a result of a disaster do so because they failed to have a Business Continuity Plan. This should include items such as an off site record of all key members of staff, local agents for renting alternative premises, computer experts for back up of data and hire of replacement equipment, telephone companies etc. It is also vital to have Business Interuption Insurance which would cover you in the event of a disaster for loss of profits and the increased cost of working.

For further information and advice on Business Interuption Insurance and help putting together a Business Interuption Plan for your organisation contact Luker Rowe on 01494 733337.